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Mae West


We believe that cakes should not only look beautiful but taste delicious too.  To ensure your wedding cake is nothing short of exceptional we use the freshest and finest ingredients in creating delicious flavours that may be personalised to you and your wedding.

Our cakes are made with organic free range eggs, creamy butter, freshly grated zests, organic vanilla,

ethically sourced cocoa, Belgian chocolate and Swiss fondant.  Sponge cakes consist of four alternate layers of light sponge, luscious buttercream, and fruit conserves and curds.  For a luxurious taste and a modern sharp edge finish, each tier is covered with a layer of chocolate ganache before being iced.


Our cakes and sweet treats are made in a kitchen where nuts, gluten, dairy products and eggs are present.  We do not provide vegan or dairy free options.

Cake Menu

Like our wedding cakes our Cake Menu is simple and elegant, personally perfected for you.

Vanilla & Raspberry

Delicate sponge made with organic vanilla layered with raspberry conserve and fluffy vanilla buttercream

Champagne & Strawberry

Champagne infused sponge laced with a delicious champagne syrup and layered with strawberry buttercream

Lemon Drizzle

Zesty lemon sponge drizzled with fresh lemon syrup, layered with luxury lemon curd and lemon buttercream

Pistachio & Rosewater

Pistachio sponge layered with a delicate rosewater buttercream

Carrot & Walnut

Carrot and walnut sponge layered with a light lemon buttercream

Chocolate Orange

Rich chocolate sponge layered with a delicious orange buttercream

Wedding cake cutting.jpeg

Elderflower & Lemon

A light elderflower sponge drizzled with elderflower syrup, layered with lemon buttercream

Chocolate & Salted Caramel

Indulgent chocolate fudge cake layered with salted caramel and chocolate buttercream

Cherry Bakewell

Almond sponge laced with an Amaretto infused syrup, layered with black cherry conserve and almond buttercream

Sticky Toffee Pudding

A delicious sticky toffee pudding sponge layered with fluffy caramel buttercream

Red Velvet

Red velvet sponge layered with fluffy orange buttercream

Boozy Fruit Cake

Brandy soaked fruit cake covered in white marzipan and luxurious Swiss fondant

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